Saturday, August 2, 2014

Turning around when you can't turn around

Capt's Log : Stardate why can't my ship turn around

Its a annoying fact that not all ships in STAW can turn around or as is termed in the game... Come About.

This is at times quite frustrating. But all is not lost there is now away to give any ship with a red maneuver a Come About.And that wonderful little card is...Skilled Helmsman which was the participation prize for the Tholian Web OP event.

 As you can see Skilled Helmsman is a 5 pt resource.  Here is the movement template you get with that resource.
So what good is this? As you can see by the card text you can give any ship with a red move this move instead. Like all red moves it does give you an Auxiliary power token, which is an annoyance but no more so than any other Aux token :)

I like this resource. Now arguably Flagship is better but its also more points.

For example the Romulan D'Deridex does not have a Come About move on the card. Yes it does have a 2 reverse but that is not always what you want to do. It takes a minimum of two turns to turn the thing around and so this move is handy. Its pretty satisfying to watch an opponent who thinks they have moved to where you cannot get them realize that you can in fact whip around and shoot them again next turn.

For a resource its not outstanding but it is useful and more useful I think than most people find it.

You can find plenty of folks who have multiples of this and are willing to sell or even give it away and they can be had for cheap on ebay if you missed the Tholian Web OP.

You do not see this a lot in the competitive game as most folks want the 10 pt flagships. But I can easily see this if you just don't have those ten points or don't want to spend them.

What about you? In your local scene do you see this played at all?

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  1. I used it in our Tholian Web event this evening and I found it worth its weight. I was able in two games to be in the perfect firing position because of this.

    How did you do in your event?

  2. I find its worth it as well. Is it as useful as Flahships? I think that depends on your playstyle. So far in the OPs I have played I am finishing in the middle of the pack. But that is because I refuse to stack my build. Keeping it Casual should be my tag line