Friday, August 8, 2014

More random thoughts and Wil Wheaton quote

Capts Log Stardate Rambling thoughts

Today's entry will be quick. Well I say that but one never really knows. Been thinking more about yesterday's talk about casual vs competitive and what makes a player one, the other , or inbetween. There really is no reason a player can't move between the types. In fact in many games I often have. Especially in things like MMOs and online play.

I played original Everquest for ages and did some raiding there. In DAoC however I stepped up and did a LOT of raiding. Main tanking, healing, crowd control, etc for the raid. It was a lot of fun but it became a job. Cause often if you are not there the raid doesn't happen if you are one of those main needs.

With miniature games I have gone back and forth from wanting to compete in tournaments to saying more. Mainly because at one point I had a run of tournies where I got "THAT" guy like every single time. The one who would always find the most broken army, combo, what have you and liked to just rub it in opponents faces. I prefer the more gentlemanly game. You can destroy me, just don't rub my nose in it. Then you just become a douche. As Wil Wheaton says "Don't be a dick"

And in STAW I have already seen both this type of players, and my favorite, the stealth douche. The guy who on the surface seems friendly even though he has a fully tuned broken fleet. Then proceeds to make sure you know every turn just how good his fleet is. This sort of player is deadly to the rookie.

I have seen more new players turned off by this sort of play than anything else. Because they think that is the norm. In some games it almost is.. or at least was when I was playing it regularly(cough MtG..cough) ,

Hopefully even if you are a competitive player you are more of an ambassador for the game rather than the evil guy. Encourage new players, help them, teach them. No matter what camp they want to fall in. You will turn a casual player into a competitive one faster by being encouraging than by brow beating.

So anyway..tomorrow back to our regularly scheduled program. Perhaps a look at the Enterprise D or one or all of the other ships you get in the starter.

Until then remember Don't be a dick!


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