Monday, August 11, 2014

Make it so

Capt;s Log Stardate - why does a Frenchman has an English accent?

Last time we discussed a bit about the Enterprise D. Now lets look at her capt. Jean Luc Picard.

In STAW terms Picard is one of if not the best capt choice in the game for general purposes. He is a 9 skill capt for 6 pts, which that right there puts him up front. Skill 9 is the highest base skill in the game at the moment. You can pump them up higher but it takes other cards to do it. So Picard moves last and shoots first much of the time.

Picard's ability is what really pushed him over the top. Each round you may perform Evasive, target Lock, battlestations, or scan as a free action. basically doubling the actions you get each turn. Pretty darn handy don't you think?

One thing to remember though is the rules specifically state you cannot take the same action more than once in a turn. Again there are cards that curcumvent this rule but most of the time not. Still Picard gives a lot of added punch. Target Loc + Battlestations which on a normal attack gives you a reroll of any misses and turns Battlestations results to hits. Significantly ups you hit percentage.

Battlestations + Evade for defense.

Battlestations + Scan for modifying dice on your roll and removing one defense die from whomever you are shooting at.

as you can see Picard brings a wealth of new choice and power to the table.

Placing Picard on any other ship and he is just as good really. You see him on voyager lot and you also see Picard show up on other factions ships. With only a 1 point faction penalty he is still only  7 pts for what you get.

As we move forward with the blog we will move into more detailed looks at what the card can do when combined with other cards.

Coming up next it a look at the fleet I will be flying tomorrow for Collective OP event 2 The Battle of Wolf 359. We will look quickly at the rules and see what I plan to do.

As with all current posts this is a Blaugust Initiative post. Be sure to check ALL the blogs in the Initiative for all sorts of gaming and other goodness.

Until then - avoid the delta Quadrant!

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