Wednesday, August 6, 2014

casual? competitive? What's your flavor?

In many games, especially of the miniatures variety there are a couple of "schools" of play. Those who want to play competitively in tournaments, become nationally ranked(if the game has such a thing), win world championships, etc. And those who just want to have fun.

Now let me start by saying there is nothing inherently wrong with either approach and there is in fact an in between approach. There are those who play in the tourny's but while they like to win its more important to have a good time. Some of the best games I have ever had I have lost.

And you don't really need to choose one over the other. One can slide back and forth between the two extremes easy enough.

These days I am pretty firmly in the casual camp even though i do participate in the STA Organized Play events which is essentially the tournament scene for the game. But when I do so I go in knowing that there is only really an outside chance for me to win. I mainly play in them for two reasons, 1.. the participation prizes and 2. to get games in.

It is however still frustrating to just get destroyed by a highly tuned up tournament fleet. But it is the way it is unless I choose to start powering up. And for me that is not something I want to delve to deeply into.

And this blog is planned to stay mostly casual. I have talked and will talk more about the cards and ships you can get just for participating. and even winning when I manage to get ahold of one. for example I do have the vulcan prize ship from collective OP 1. But mostly I will try to stay to the cards available to the general public as we go forward.

I don't know anyone who likes to loose. So my aim is to help the casual capt to maybe see a few things they wouldn't have thought up. Not so common uses for cards or ships. Won't make you into a tourny wrecking machine but it will hopefully enhance or add to your fun along the way.

I have played games competitively and it gets tiring trying to keep up with the jones' all the time.

At this point i just want to enjoy myself, and not get destroyed every time out of the gate.

Stay tuned and hang in there is way more to come. This blog and game are just getting started.

And be sure to check out the rest of The Blaugust Initiative

till next time may your attack dice come up crits!

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