Monday, August 18, 2014

Gencon - the fiasco that was the Whizkids booth

Capts Log Stardate - what in the blue hell were they thinking?

Unfortunatly I was not able to attend GenCon this year. But I did have a bit of a dog in the hunt so to speak. A friend of mine agreed to see about getting the cloaked ship box for me. Only to get there at door opening and find them sold out every single day.

And that is the tamest of the stories coming out of genCon. Rude employees, lying employees, and just general crappy customer service. The forums are full of it and it had begun before the first day of gencon was out.

Now in the grand scheme of things not getting the box of ships won't hurt as they were for me just an item that if I could get great if not...oh well....

But the bigger issue is Whiz Kids once again completely mishandling the event. By most accounts there was a tiny number of boxes for sale and those were normally gone either before the doors opened to the general public or 5 minutes post. People were then told "come back later", " We have plenty", only them to be told sometimes quite rudely they were all gone.

WK has a history of this sort of thing. Every year they offer some promotion and every year they mishandle it. Never having nearly enough supply. Rude employees, etc. After many Gencons you would think they learn.

And then the public forum post today that went up spinning it as "unexpected demand", oy, seriously they actually expect thier customers to swallow that?

This is the sort of thing that will turn players off in droves and cause people who are borderline curious to back away and take thier money and playership elsewhere.

The pessimistic part of me is starting to fear for the future of this game. Time will tell. Hopefully they manage to finally start caring. They so far in the past have shown no inclination to.

I have already had discussions with players over that very thing. With this sort of practice it is also hard to continue to try to drum up support for the game.

Thankfully for the casual gamer it doesn't effect them nearly as much. As long as the main line is available in stores there is a game to play. But that will stay only as long as there is a following or the company continues to make product.

Here is hoping for the best.  Next back to your regularly scheduled posting about actual gameplay :)

Until, stay gold ponyboy stay gold


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