Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flights of Fancy

Capt's log Stardate at least the other player won't blow you up this time.

So Tuesday night I will be playing Collective OP 2 The Battle of Wolf 359

This is a bit different type of game. As you are not fighting your opponent. You are simply trying to put damage on the Borg Cube at the other end of the table. You cannot use any abilities or weapons against your opponent that damage them. You can use 'passives' but really that is pointless in this OP I believe. The idea is to get as much damage on the Borg Cube as you can. And if you spend time dinking around with the other player you just won't have time to get that much damage on the cube.

My fleet had two generic Vor'chas. the first Capt'd by Worf the second Nu'Daq

Hmm for some reason my Worf card is not showing up. But the Klingon version of Worf is a 3 pt 5 Skill Capt and his When attacking you may re-roll your blanks one time.  A rather handy ability. He is joined by N'Garen below which gives him a sort of Battlestations result as an action. Which is good as klingons mostly lack Battlestations as an allowable action. And Nu'Daq as you can see gives the same ability for free. again handy.

I then took the Named Koronak And Gul Danar as the Capt giving me the ability to reroll one blank But he also gets Battlestations.


The idea here is to give me as many attack dice as possible without giving my opponent much to be able to fiddle with ability wise. the rules of the OP event state you can not shoot or use abilities that directly damage your opponent but you can use abilities that do not directly damage them.

Some will already know that there is a second Cardassian ship that is similar that I could have taken. And the 180 degree fire arc on that ship as well was tempting. But the cloak gives me better defense against the Cube Tokens Unlimite range 5 die attack.

I will go ahead and put my booster ship here as well instead of in the next post.

My Blind pull for this OP was the Maquis Raider,  I don't have the card image handy but here are the stats copied from a thread on Board Game geek.  I had the Named Raider, Tooks Michael eddington as my Capt and put Focused Particle Bame on it.

Gavaroche (Maquis Raider)
Forward Arc: 90 Back Arc 0
Cost: 22 (20)
3 (2)
Evade, Target Lock, Scan, Battlestations
Action: Disable up to 2 Crew Upgrades and add +1 attack die to each of your attacks this round for each Crew Upgrade you disabled with this action.

Maneuver Dial: Identical to the Ch'tang

Weapon, Personnel, Personnel

Michael Eddington
Cost: 4
Skill: 6
Elite Talent: 1

At the start of the game, place three mission tokens on this card.

Action: Target a ship at Range 1-3 and discard 1 Mission token from this card. Target ship rolls -2 attack dice against your ship for each of its attacks this round.


Focused Particle Beam
Cost: 4
Range: 1-3
Attack: 3

Attack: Disable this card to perform this attack. During the Roll Attack Dice step of the Combat Phase, if you roll a hit or critical result on each one of your dice with this attack, continue rolling 1 additional dice, one at a time, until you do not roll a hit or critical result (max 3 additional dice). Add all additional hit and critical results from the additional dice to your total for this attack. Any blank or battlestation results from the additional dice are not added.

When the Particle Beam works it is nice and even when it doesn't I still get an extra attack die. It does mean however if I want to use it a lot I will have to use my action to reenable it each turn.

So That is my 120 Fleet for Collective OP2.  How did I do? Tune into the next post to see.

Go and check out The Blaugust Initiative

Until next time stay cloaked and hid behind the other guy!


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