Friday, August 8, 2014

Space the Final Frontier....

Capt's Log Stardate really long string of meaningless numbers

No really originally the stardates were literally random numbers :)

But anyway the title of this post is the open phrase from one of the most famous monologues of all time. This has been voiced by Kirk, Spock, Picard, and others.

Which brings me to my topic today in a sort of oddly logical way, the Enterprise D from Next Generation Capt'd by Jean Luc Picard.  One of the best ships in Attack Wing.

Here she is in all her glory

Like most of the larger ships her agility is not much with only 1. But there are crew and things that can boost that. As well as evades and such. All in all I have found the Ent D to stand up pretty well. With 90 degree front and rear arcs she packs a nice punch. You can add Torpedoes as well easily.

The real gem though is the ability. You can make a 360 degree attack out to range 2. You do loose one attack die down to 3 but unlike Voyager there is no other penalty. Voyager has a similar ability and gets her full attack but also gains an Aux Power token. Ent'D's is better in most cases.

Really in STAW it is hard to do a ship post without talking about how to possibly crew her. If all you have is the starter you will want to put Picard on her. Picard is one of the best capts in the game. With his free actions, combined with your regular action you can do some damage. The Target Lock/Battlestations action combo is popular for example. We will discuss this more when we talk about Picard. That post is coming.

I don't have my cards handy as I am in Tulsa and they are in KC. Had to find the above image on the net. I cannot find an image of the movement card but the stats are as follows.

straights out to 4 with 1 and 2 being green moves
gentle turns of 1, 2, and 3 with the 1 being green
hard turns on 2 and 3 with the 3 being RED
and a Red 2 reverse.

That is reverse not come about. There is a difference. With a come about you move forward and then turn 180 in your facing. With Reverse you keep the same facing and just move the ship backwards. This I can tell you is very handy and can be an ugly surprise.

One thing I can recommend for the new player is to get a real feel for how far each of the template actually moves a ship. Some of them are farther than you would think. the gentle 3 is a good example.

Coming back to the reverse. This may be the most useful maneuver on the dial. More than once I have used that move to spoil what my opponent had thought was a great move. Nothing like moving your ship to come around and sit right behind the D only to find the D backing straight up on its move and ending up behind you. One of the beautiful moments in this game is when you out guess your opponent and get the better move choice.

Other than the reverse the Ent D is pretty standard. Moves decent but not outstandingly. Not that fast. Certainly not as fast as the Voyagers straight 6. But can move well enough that she has some surprises.

Balance wise this works. Fluff wise the D was far more maneuverable than shown here.

Alright that is the D. Tomorrow we shall talk about her Capt a bit.

Until then may your series be ever renewed!

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