Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Welcome - Star Trek Attack Wing first thoughts

Capt's Personal Log, Stardate... seriously? those things never make sense anyway so just skip it....

 Welcome to my new blog. Huzzah! Why do we need a another blog about miniature gaming? Well we don't but like many folks I feel like maybe I have something to say that others might find interesting. Maybe even crack a joke or three at times. So here we are :)

 What are we going to talk about? Star Trek Attack Wing mostly. I have recently dove head first into this game. I have played various miniature wargames for many years but due to life and other pursuits(namely my music) I have not had a lot of time to do much gaming. So my minis collected dust on the shelf. Due to some big changes in my life recently I am hopefully going to have a bit more time to indulge in gaming. But not a great deal so i plan to concentrate on ST:AW as my game of choice.

 I will say right up front I am a fan both Star Wars and Star Trek. And the two mini's games are similar. I will also admit that the Star Wars pre painted figs look far better the Attack Wings ones. ALL my ships will be getting a repaint. Jeez some of these are just embarrassing I managed to not get hooked by the SW game but just could not resist the Trek one. mainly because my personal bend in space ship games is capital ships over fighters. However in all likelihood I will end up at least trying the Star Wars one at some point... I know me :)

Anyway tonight I played my first game. Took a 100 pt Federation fleet against 100 pt KDF fleet. I will give a few more details in my next post but overall I was very pleased with how it went even though I lost the game itself. This game allowed me to start seeing how the game actually works instead of just reading the rules and thumbing thru the cards.

I have also spent a bit of time on the forums for the game trying to absorb information. While I do not play the game for anything other than fun i do find myself fascinated with the discussions of the "meta" game. The general consensus at the moment is..UGH BORG.I will also state for the record I have no plans to play Borg in any other capacity than using them in designed scenarios. I personally believe the Borg should be kept as the "Big Bad" and not be a playable faction. That is just my thoughts and not everyone agrees :) I have also made it my mission to figure out how to reliably defeat them.

 Its late so I will leave this tonight with a final repeat of Welcome. Set Phasers to whatever you like and lets talk about the game. Comments are always welcome, even disagreeing ones. But lets keep it civil. I will discuss/debate/etc any topic as long as it stays calm and the anger is left elsewhere. at the end of the day its a game and we should play to have fun :)

Till Next time.. keep your shields up and the polarity on your deflector dish ready to change!

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  1. Greetings captain!

    Saw your thread over at BGG and popped over. Good looking blog. Looking forward to what you have upcoming.