Monday, July 14, 2014

another teaching game

Capt's Log StarDate - how long can he keep making pseudo witty statements,

I was going to take pictures of tonight's game but ended up more focused on making sure we were getting things right than anything else. Tomorrow I will take a few at the event I promise :)

Played a teaching game tonight with a friend to introduce him to the game. It is often said that the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. This game actually did help me quite a bit start to cement in the basic rules. Still a lot to learn and I expect that in the OP event tomorrow I will not do well.  But one never knows, stranger things have happened.

right now I am concentrating on playing Federation. My opponent tonight brought Dominion in the form of a 4th Division Battle Ship and the Gul Portas.  I had the Enterprise-D and Voyager Capt by Picard and Riker respectively.

Mainly it was again run up and get into combat. he did try a bit of fancy maneuvering as we began.I very nearly manged to turn the Portas into atoms on the first turn of shooting but could not quite get all of it.

I kept my ships in firing position for two turns then made a slight tactical error and the voyage remained out of position for the rest of the game. My opponent very nearly destroyed the Enterprise but in the end I manged to get both of his ships mainy due a tactical error on his part and the slow plodding battleship was unable to get turned around in time to get any more firing off.

It was a good game that helped both of us. I think at this point I will not make a complete failure of a showing at the event tomorrow. Looking forward to it. And have been wanting to add the counter attack die to my arsenal :)

And I am still seeing being able to move properly as more important than the cards you have. He never was able to use his energy disappators on me as he was out of position by the time he wanted to use them. Although his positron beam ignoring shields rather sucked when it hit :)

Now back to doing re-paints. will post some more pics along with a bit a methodology for what I did. I also plan soon on starting to post card reviews. Once I get a few more games in and have a better handle on what the abilities do, when they fire, how they fire, etc. We are only getting started folks so hang on for the ride :)

Until next time, Exit spacedock 1/4 impulse!

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