Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Game

Capt's after last post

So as I mentioned in my first post I played my first game last night. I had a 100 point Federation Fleet while my opponent had 110 pts of KDF. I took Picard on the Excelsior with Tom Paris. Sulu on a Miranda with Dimitri Valtane .. and Riker on a Nova with Saavik .All three ships were equipped with Proton Torpedoes.

 Across the table were Worf in a Bird of Prey, and a couple other Klingon Capts in a Vorcha and a Raptor.

We deployed pretty evenly as this was a learning game and unless you engage with the enemy you won't learn much. I had the nova and miranda on the right side of the play table directly opposite his Raptor and BoP. I had placed the Exelsior right around the mid line of the table and that ship was more or less directly across from his vorcha. My plan was to get forward fairly quickly and engage since again can't really learn how the combat works if you never get into combat.

 This was a straight up fight, no mission objectives.

We started across the table the first turn both players more or less just moving a bit forward. I put Riker and Sulu a bit out front and kept Picard just slightly behind them moving all three out in a straight line.

 My opponent moved similarly and I was surprised he did not cloak up. I suspect that was mainly just to help me learn the game. A friendly Klingon..who'd a thunk it :) No one was in range to do much the first turn.

Second turn I did a short turn to port with the nova and miranda anticipating the KDF moves and bringing both those ships into firing position. The Exelsor also moved into range and I target locked all three ships one to one. Honestly the one "big" mistake I made was spreading my fire around. I know from previous games that concentrated fire is often the key. During this turn I fired proton torps from two ships...whiff..didn't hit a thing and my phasers from the nova didn't do much either.

 My opponent was not so unlucky. he did concentrate fire and managed to strip all but one shield from the Excelsior in his first turn of shooting.

Then in a bit of a lucky break the Klingons manuvered such in the next turn that he did not have a clear shot while I managed to keep two out of three ships in firing position. Unfortunately my helmsman still could not hit the broadside of the spacedock but I did manage to strip off some shields.

 Third turn I misjudged my own movement a bit and the nova bumped the miranda so could not take its action. I did however maintain a target lock with the Excelsior and did a scan with the miranda. the KDF forces on this turn got all three ships into firing position on the Excelsior though and she went down in a nice firey explosion(at least in my mind)... Meanwhile i whittled away at Worf in his BoP...GO ME!

The following turn saw the end of Rike in the Nova while I finally managed to strip the shields from the BoP. This was it though as the KDF forces blew Sulu and his miranda out of the sky and ended the game.

For a first game I am not displeased. I did make some moves just to see how the game mechanics worked and/or how my card abilities functioned. And I learned a lot about how the game flows. Once you get into combat things can turn hairy pretty quickly. I can also see now a bit better how to load out the ships.

 The game is good deck building skills combined with good tactical abilities. All the great cards in the world won't help much if you can never get into a position to use them. I love the aspect of having to out guess where your opponent will fly. Reminds me a lot of games like Clix Crimson Skies. The mechanic is almost the same except you have a manuver dial instead of a manuver deck of cards.

Looking forward to a game on Monday then my first event play on Tuesday.

 Until then keep rotating shield frequencies and don't run relationship programs on the holodeck!

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