Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Colored Bases

Capt's Log Supplemental - Those bases cost what?

I am still writing the battle report from last nights Collective OP 1 event. Was a fun time had by the players it seemed. I went 1 for 3 but manged to score pts in 2 rounds. The Borg Cube in that event is brutal. But we will get to that later.

Anyway this is just a quick write up. I like the concept of faction colored bases but but paying 5 bucks for 4 bases wasn't really something I was inclined to do. I have also seen a method of use a sharpie to color them but as I do not have a bunch of colored sharpies I went another route.

What i DO have are several of the Tamiya Transparent colors. Including green, red, and blue. Right now I am not worried about Dominion as I don't have many of them yet. And not sure I will actively play them when I do although they seem a solid fleet when i have played against them.

So while taking a break from certification study for my job I grabbed some bases and went to work. These paints dry quickly so it doesn't take long to get two coats on. Each on of these is two coats of the given color.

I think they turned about pretty well and will look great in the table. I promise in the future I will make sure to shrink the images down. hehe.

Until next time Come about and set heading for home!


  1. the bases look really good. I went the sharpie route, since I had colors around, and wanted colors for the smaller factions as well.

  2. Both methods are just as valid. I took my route because I didn't have any colored sharpies heh. And I wanted a darker green.