Thursday, July 10, 2014

First repaints

Personal Log Stardate still friggin today get on with it....

As I mentioned in my first post. the paint jobs that come on the ST:AW figures are... less than stellar...

So tonight I set about repainting. However when one has not put brush to a mini in over two years and has let his paint case sit in the garage.. not to many pots survive and after that long they do NOT want to be reconstituted. But I did manage to get one done.

For reference here is where we start..

Oof those are hard to look at. Now even after just some shading these thing start looking better....

Just that alone is a huge improvment. And honestly I thought about just giving them all a couple coats of wash and calling it a day.. BUT NO!  It was around this time when I start to move to detailing that I starting discovering dead paint after another... I think in the 4 tray case I may end up with one tray. Again this is what happens when you sit them in an Oklahoma garage for two years :)

But I did get the Intrepid finished and I think it came out pretty decent for someone who hasn't painted in two plus years. My hands were very shakey though making a lot of this even harder haha.

This picture is actually slightly darker than the mini actually appears.  overall I am please. this looks way better than the stock paint job and makes my ship easier to pick out on the table.

I will continue to post the results of my repaints unless people tell me they enjoy the in between pics as well.

Next game is Monday, then an OP event on Tuesday that includes a blind draw booster. That should be interesting.

So until the next post. Stand down from red alert and head to 10-forward!


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