Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Capt's Log Star date where does the time go?

Greetings. My apologies for being absent the last couple weeks. Things are finally starting to move at the new job a bit and my fall music gig season has kicked off.  Oblagoatory link :) My Irish/Nautical music page  Basically I am what is termed a Celtic Pirate. I do Ren Faires, pubs, fests, etc that cater to the Irish/Celtic music crowd with a heavy dose of Nautically/Piratically oriented tunes as well. Currently performing at the Kansas City Renassaince Festival. Will be here until mid Oct with the exception of Setp 27/28 where I will be in Wichita for the Great Plans Ren Faire that weekend.

Anyway back to the topic at hand.. STAW! Tonight is Collective OP 3 at the shop. And I honestly find I am going only because I want to see what is in the new boosters. I have no real chance of winning and also find I am not really prepared mentally to deal with the power builds in a friend fashion. The downside to competitive play. And I still have no idea what I will fly fleet wise. Maybe will actually add in a flagship or some such this time.

I have read the scenario and its another co-op type where you cannot shoot your opponent but you can use abilities on them. This one unlike the last one may turn out different in that people may actually work to shut you down. You then have to fight a Borg cube followed by the escape sphere. Could be interesting.

The latest Wave of ships was released recently as well. The Enterprise NX-01, the Borg Scout Cube, and the Vulcan Ni'Vaar. The Ni'Vaar is a retail version of the Ti'Mur prize ship. It will however give a third Vulcan ship to fly. I may end up with one of all three of these as the Scout Cube stats are more in line with the rest of STAW than the big cube and sphere.

I wish there was more of a casual play group around here but doesn't seem to be one. Need to find a few people willing to start one.

Will be back with a report as I am sure in the end I will go play in the OP. Again if nothing else to see what is in the blind boosters :)

Until Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!(Thank you Kasey!)

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