Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Missed one

Capt's Log Stardate Currently living to far away..

Last night I had to miss my first OP event in quite some time. Currently I am living with friend in KC and have been for some time. Different friends as the time goes by. Anyway currently the house I am staying at is an hour away from the shop during good traffic. And I had forgotten to grab my ship bag when leaving the house. So I missed Dominion War 3 that was being run.  haha will give the other Romulan player a chance to be on the leader board for awhile :) :) :)

Hopefully soon enough things will settle down as I Resistance Is Futile is coming up. Whole new set of blind boosters and participation prizes. YAY!  Oddly I am conflicted about the way WK does these OPs.

I don't mind the blind boosters as much as the prize ships. More than one of these ships has had cards that turn out to be very powerful. I would prefer the prize ships be something more common as far as the cards go but something different as far as the ship itself goes. Perhaps even better painted? :)

The resources you get for the Participation prizes fall into this as well, if you don't do the OPs you miss out on Flagship, elite attack/defend die, etc. Things that you see in virtually every competitive build.

I realize that WK does this to drive up participation in the OPs but it doesn't really seem to work. We always have about the same crowd every time.

And the blind boosters are not immune. the Yeager with Shelby is a much wanted ship and currently only obtainable in the Collective OP blind booster bricks. But most of the blind boosters are nice additions but not something needed.

Anyway WK is not going to change it. I just wonder how long I can keep up with the OPs.  Hoping in this next set of boosters there is some decent Romulan love. something bigger than the last ones. I relaize that it is limiting by the fact that the blind booster ship has to build to 30 points. With something like a D'Deridex that is basically just the ship and a 1 skill free Capt.

But the Romulans need some love badly in the current game. Hopefully in Nov the release of the scimitar will help re-level the field for them.

Until next time I have been your very rambly host!

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