Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The End of the Collective

Capt log  Stardate Thank God that's over

With Collective OP3 this event comes to a close. This time at the shop there were not many people there. For one we found out during OP 2 you had to qualify. So that left out a few, and then life got in the way of a few others.

So there were only 4 people at this OP. That turned out to be good because everyone took home the Officers Participation Prize and a prize ship of some sort. I now have a Stargazer which is the one I wanted. More on that ship in a future post.

This scenario was voted he least fun by everyone present at the OP. It involved a fight with both  Borg cube and then an escaping Sphere. The cube could take up to 20 points of damage and it actually gained Defense Dice as it did. Up to 8 die total making it harder to damage as the game went on. And only the person who got the kill shots on the cube and/sphere got the battle points for them.

The strategy then was to be the last person to shoot the cube. Control of the cube went back and forth between the players. The cube each turn would move and then could make one attack at 12 die, 2 attacks a 7, or 3 attacks at 5. In my games I lost a ship to a one shot 12 die attack each time. Thankfully that was all I lost.

In reading the forums others seem to think this was a fun scenario. We shall see if that holds up as people start playing it competitively instead of just testing.

Once you killed the cube a sphere appeared and made a beeline for the farthest table edge. To get the points for it you had to kill it before it got off the table. It was thankfully easier to down than the cube.

Overall I like the concept of a co-op scenario. It feels very Trek. But this one more than the others didn't really seem well thought out. Whiz Kids as always could stand a bit more planning and testing.

The next Op Series is Resistance is Futile.. most likely centered around events on Voyager.

Meanwhile i need to get in some actual friendly games for a change and get back to talking about cards and ships :)

Until next time..resistance is a word that begins with R

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